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Friday, 07 December, 2012 19:04

Is Your Wealth Confiscated Without You Knowing About?

Many rich people and investors are sounding the alarm on an upcoming financial crisis that will be bigger than the ones before.

Livio Nespoli says in this video
“If you thought real estate debacle was big, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The coming financial crisis has been set up by the banking and finance industry insiders to confiscate 80% of your wealth.”
401k, IRA and pension plans will suffer the most in the comming financial crisis.
The biggest trick is most of the people don’t know a thing about investments and market, but they make investments and they relly their retirement on this investments.
There is a big public offer for investments today. Starting with banking investment accounts, unit-linked insurences, investment accounts, stock market accounts, foreign exchange and s.o. Many people put their money into this type of accounts but they don’t know nothing about this and they don’t have control over the investment. In addition, the gain they have in most cases only covers the broker commissions.
I’ve seen a lot of “investment” types, since my interest in this domain is very high, but in most cases I wasn’t impressed at all on the earnings made by this kind of public available investments. In the best cases the real earnings were around 10% per year. After tax payment and inflation deduction, there is not much left.
For a while I was interested in stock and forex trading accounts. I had multiple forex trading accounts, even some mirror trading accounts and tested some robots. I made some profit with them but also I got some loses, and it wasn’t my lack of experience causing the losses because I lost both with mirror trading and robots. The conclusion I got after my experience with forex trading is that the only one making real money on this are the brokers. They are earning no matter if you win or lose. In fact this is why with 100$ you can trade 10.000$ or more, because they only interested in rolling as much as it’s possible, while you take all the risk as a trader.
Watching Livio’s video backed up my beliefs about forex exchange.
Many people keep their money in bank deposits. They think money are safe there because they are kept in a vault and no one can steal them. In fact money are stolen from your bank accounts without you knowing it. How? Because of the high commissions you need to pay and because of the low interest they pay you. In most cases bank deposits only cover the inflation. So by keeping the money in your bank on a long term, the gain you have and you think it’s a gain, in fact only covers the lost value of the money. This is in the best cases, because I know there are many banks that offer only 1-2% anual interest, and this doesn’t covers an average inflation.  
This video is created by InterAnalyst LLC. This company is owned by Livio Nespoli and provides market analysis and market trends signals. They do not sell securities of any kind, but just provide their subscribers with information about markets. They only sell a subscribtion to their analysis and this is why I trust them, because they earn only if I get results. And 83% of the first month subscribers keep their subscription on long term.
As a GlobalOne member you also get information and analysis from InterAnalyst LLC, as their programs are customized and included in GlobalOne membership. Here is a list of GlobalOne membership types and what is included on each level. Just click on the image coresponding the subscription to signup >> GlobalOne Subscriptions

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