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Friday, 28 June, 2013 21:36

Internet Time Machine

The Internet Time Machine – A cool way to find the hottest trends and niches from around the world

What is The Internet Time Machine?

Internet Time Machine Trend Analytics

Internet Time Machine Trend Analytics

The Internet Time Machine is a trend analytic’s engine specifically made to aid businesses in taking advantage of high-demand market segments within their own niche, competitor niche markets and also any unforeseen niche markets which they may have not targeted yet.

For example, a business not using Internet Time Machine Technology would typically spend billions of dollars annually, on manufacturer awareness and mass-advertising using Media Acquisition on TV and on the web portals, but one that does work with Internet Time Machine Technology would target pre-determined segments on the market that specifically exhibit high demand and low advertiser competition, allowing this company to dramatically reduce cost for every acquisition and dramatically increase product sales volume simultaneously.

What does Internet Time Machine Do?

The Internet Time Machine’s leading edge engineering has the capacity to determine small market sections with millions of high-demand prospective buyers which have been listed around the interpersonal world-wide-web (blogs, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere) which standard market research techniques are unable to tap into on an “on-demand” foundation.

How can large corporations and businesses benefit from Internet Time Machine?

Simply by monitoring social conversations on Facebook and Twitter for any chosen broad niche market, state e. g. “coca cola”, the Internet Time Machine can extract analytics from numerous social conversations taking place daily for the social web that can allow coca-cola to identify large consumer bases who exhibit sought after demand in micro-targeted areas about coca cola, and implement super-targeted marketing strategies and campaigns to promote the coca cola offering to the same, at potentially a fraction from the cost associated with classic marketing media and brand-awareness driven advertising.


Internet Time Machine Trend Analytics Video

Internet Time Machine Trend Analytics Video

Internet Time Machine Examples

Internet Time Machine Trend Analytics

Internet Time Machine Trend Analytics

Internet Time Machine Social Space Trends

Internet Time Machine Social Space Trends

Internet Time Machine  Services

  1. Geo-Targeted Multi-Faceted General market trends using Intelligent Systems which are exponentially faster than traditional market research media and exponentially a lesser amount of in cost.
  2. Ability to track company awareness and consumer belief in Geo-targeted market segments employing a corporation’s offering’s key overall performance indicators as micro-niche search term variations for highly related tracking and consumer behaviour assessments. This is various hundred times more appropriate, research effective and in financial terms beneficial in mass marketing techniques media campaigns.
  3. Pre as well as Post product release examination, consumer acceptance evaluation, consumer sentiment assessment as well as provision of key “improvement” signs that no other market research firm or method provides. Such improvement indicators give brands the innovative they need in tight business competition, leaving them with enhance information to yield greater pre and post-release revenues as opposed to competition.
  4. The Internet Time Equipment Technology Framework allows any kind of business or corporation to help integrate the technology inside their existing setup and architectural mastery, with zero requirement pertaining to customization of any sort at the clients’ end and complete independence from the internet Time Machine as a business, giving clients complete management and instant execution functionality.
  5. Cutting-Edge Text Analytics technology that permits corporations to uncover hidden “profitable” insights from their existing customer feedback as well as sales data, to uncover the “voice from the customer” from “your” own sales data that conventional market research methods fail to uncover any day.
Internet Time Machine Trend Analytics

Internet Time Machine Trend Analytics

Vivian Vanatu

Vivian has been working in internet marketing for over 3 years. He has developed several websites and online businesses and seeks to educate people about how to use internet to grow their business. My G+ profile

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