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Friday, 07 December, 2012 20:10

How to Make Money

How To Make Money in Today’s Economy?

Many people are lacking money today and are struggling in today’s economy and blaming the government for their lack of money. Money people get a second job and work harder to get the money they need.

There are many people that have bank loans that they can’t afford to pay anymore. Many lost their jobs and together with the jobs they lost their homes to, as they cannot pay the loan.

All this issues that a lot of people have today are in fact the consequences to the lack of financial education they have.

Today’s world is full of liberties and also full of financial traps. If you are not carreful and don’t know how to identify the traps in modern economy, you will become trapped for the rest of your life.

Many people are trapped today because they failed to learn new things and adapt to the new reality and more important, adapt to the new ways of making money.

In this article I want to emphasise some of the basics on how to make money.

So, How To Make Money?

Today’s world is changing very fast. As the technology keeps evolving, few people actually manage to keep the pace and be up to date to modern world opportunities.

The most important thing you need to know how to make money today si that you need to QUICKLY ADAPT to the new reality.

If 30 or 20 years all it taked for someone to have a good life was to find a job, work hard and do their best, Today that doesn’t work anymore.

The word job is becomming obsolete in today’s world. 

I graduated a 6 year University and followed a 4 year PhD after finishing University and worked 5 years in my field of activity. After all this I got to the conclusion that a job is the most inneficient way to earn money today. If 30 years ago you didn’t had much to choose from, this is not the case anymore.  Today there are a lot, and I do mean A LOT of opportunities to make a lot of money in a more efficient manner.

Four Answers On How To Make Money

When wandering how to make money, most people think on only two eays: as an employee or as a self emloyed. Those ways are themost common answers on how to make money question.

1. Employee: An employee works for a company and gets paid for a certain amount of work. The thing is you only get a limited amount of money each month. Most people get 8 hours/day for 20-22 days a month to get their salary and usually the salary only covers their monthly needs. This creates a dependecy on the job and that’s why most of the people need to work continously to have enough money to support their lifestyle.

2. Self Employed: A self empoyed is someone that works on his own. Usually they are specialists like doctors, lawyers or accountants that have their own private practice and they a get a higher pay than most of the employees. In the eyes of 95% of the people, self employed are the rich people.

In fact Self empoyed people are doing the same thing as employee: they work for money.

For a lot of time I thought that the 2 ways above where the only two possible to earn money. Later I found out that there are two more ways:

You can also earn money as a Business Owner or as an Investor.

3. Business Owner: A Business owner it’s not just someone that owns a business, but is someone that builds a system that works for him. In this category enter only te people that build systems that work by themselves. Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs are some examples. Not to be confused with self employed. Self employed also own businesses, because they are the owners of their private practice, but they work for money, while Business Owner build systems that work for them. This is a major difference, as you will never see Donald Trump serving or standing at Trump Hotel reception. He has people employed for this and has a system that does all the work needed. He just takes the benefits.

4. Investor: An Investor is someone that uses money to earn more money. This are typical people that have a lot of money excedent and use them to get more money. Because money is someone everyone has (in certain amount) this is the most easy way to get rich, because you only need money and quality information to earn more money.

This are the four big answers on the question how to make money: as an employee, self employed, business owner or investor. Employees and self employed are 95% of the people and are the poor people. Business owner and Investors are the rest of 5% and they are the rich people.

Business owners and Investors are rich because they are using levers that allow them to earn much more than their real posibilities. They build or they buy systems that have tremendeous power, which allows them to get really big income.

There are two problems related to money that anyone can have:

  • too little money
  • too much money

I chose to have the “too much problem”, because I had the “too little money” problem and I don’t want to have it anymore.

Rich people have the to much problem. So what problem do you want, too little money or too much money?

How To Make Money as a Business Owner or Investor?

Rich people use levers to get money. Levers have a unique characteristic to mupltiply the force you apply on an object. This allows rich people to work less and achieve more by using different levers.

Other peoples work, other peoples money, other peoples knowledges and time are just few of the levers rich people do.

In the past couple of years internet offered a new kind of lever. This growed very fast and today common people get to have very high power because of the internet. Internet became one of the most important levers in business today.

The power of internet resides in it’s ability to connect people worldwide. Everyone can make worldwide sales and deliver internationally today with the use of internet.

With the use of internet you can reach millions of people, far more than a traditional brick and mortar business.

This is why te biggest businesses today are on the internet. Facebook or Google are just two of the most well known companies that exploit the power of internet.

Despite being so accessible and easy to built when compared to the traditional brick on mortar businesses, achieving success with a internet business it’s not very easy. You need to have some knowledges, discipline and patience to build a successful internet business.

If you wonder how to make money using an internet business, there are many things to be discussed that are far beyond the purpose of this article, but I will try to keep it brief. This are some of the ways you can earn online:

  • Build your own site – if it has a lot of visitors you may sell advertising on your site
  • Affiliate to an existing business – you can earn commissions from the sales you make
  • Affiliate on an online network marketing business  – you build an online afiliate network
  • Become partner in a profit sharing company – this is the latest trend in online business.

How To Make Money with “profit sharing”?

Profit sharing is quite new to online businesses. In order to get on the market, many companies offer a share of their profit to their members in exchange for some daily activities that users make. 

This is cool way to earn big amounts of money (if you are persistent and dedicated) because usually it only takes around 5 minutes/day to make the required actions and you get your share of the profit.

This kind of businesses are usually combined with a network marketing compensation plan which acts like a lever for the income.

If everyone gets a share from the profit, even it’s not too much, the word will spread fast and combined with a network marketing compensation plan, this will offer very high income due to this very powerful levers.

GlobalOne is such a business that operates as a profit sharing. It is created by Scott Evans, a sound name in innovation and online businesses and co-created by the greatest minds in technology and internet. Scott Evans lead the team that created one of the first wireless networks in Aspen, Colorado many years ago. Much of the WiFi and WiMax rules where written based on their network.

They conceived a sound plan for GlobalOne, that will revolutionize some industries very soon. 

A good answer for how to make money questions is by becoming a GlobalOne member and get fully involved in this idea. I invite you to study this website and see the GlobalOne vision, as it will be a very important source of six figures income for many people (I said “it will be” because it’s not yet fully launched).

Another cool thing about GlobalOne is that you get a complete financial education course on your way on building a business. Included in GlobalOne membership is the Elements of Wealth financial education program that will teach you both basic and advanced economics and give you more answers to the “how to make money” question. You also get 3 powerful market analysis softwares that combined with the knowledges you get in the course, it will transform you into a skillful investor. And this is included in the GlobalOne subscription.


Vivian Vanatu

Vivian has been working in internet marketing for over 3 years. He has developed several websites and online businesses and seeks to educate people about how to use internet to grow their business. My G+ profile

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