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Saturday, 09 April, 2016 06:36

How To Create A Number Counter In After Effects – Method 2

Here is another way to create a number counter in After Effects.

Method 2: Source Text Expression

This method involves using a more complex expression and the way you control the animation is a little more complicated but still is a good way to produce a number counter in After Effects.

    1. Create a new composition and make it the desired size and lenght (Composition >> New Composition)
    2. Create a background solid for your composition (Layer >> New >> Solid)
    3. Create a text layer where you will put the number counter; you can put any text in the field, write “bla bla bla” or whatever you want, as it will not affect the number counter (Layer >> New >> Text)
    4. In the text layer click the down arrow to expose more parameters, click the text down arrow and while pressing ALT key (CMD on Mac) click the stopwatch near Source Text parameter. This will allow you to add an expression to the Source text and to link the Source Text value to the Slider control
    5. Copy and paste the following code to the source text expression field:
    6. Set the “beginCount” value to the value of the number you want your counter to start at. In our example the count starts at 0.
    7. beginCount = 0;
    8. Set the “endCount” value to the value of the number you want the counter to end. In our example it ends at 100.
    9. endCount = 100;
    10. Set the “dur” value to the number of seconds you want the transition between the start and the end of the count. We made the transition to occur in 0.8 seconds.
    11. dur = 0.8;
    12. To control the start of the number counter just move text layer position in timeline to where you want it to start.


Number Counter CS4 Method 2 Template .aep fileDownload Number Counter Method 2 CS4 Template .aep file


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