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How To Make A Professional Video Presentation For Your Business Using After Effects

Learn How To Make A Professional Video Presentation For Your Business Using After Effects I just made an article on HubPages about how to create a video presentation for your business or product. This article pinpoints the key elements in creating a quality video advertising, from planning and script writing to video production. Making your […]

The Tinkerbell Effect

The Tinkerbell Effect What is The Tinkerbell Effect? The Tinkerbell effect is a term describing things that are thought to exist only because people believe in them. This effect is named after the fairy from Peter Pan play. The Tinkerbell effect describes very well the fiat money system. The fiat money system exists only because people trust […]

Go To School

“Go To School” – one of the biggest sacred cows of money Some time ago I watched Shooting Sacred Cows of Money Series made by Robert Kiyosaki and his team. There are a few basic ideas in this series that are “eye opening” and can help you chane the way you think about money and […]

Get A Job

Get A Job – The “Best Advice” We Give To Our Kids Since I was a kid people asked me what do I want to become when I grow up? A doctor, a policeman, a lawyer, an accountant? Everyone asked me what job do I want to have. I was puzzled and didn’t know what […]

Power of Network – The Tree Model If you want to illustrate a network, the most easy way to do it is to draw a tree. Trees are the most used symbols for networks. The tree model of network is very widely used to map different structures. It is found in genealogy lines, in blood typing, […]

Spinfinity launch announced by GLOBALONE CEO Scott Evans Scott Evans just announced today that Spinfinity will launch this month and so will be the next two businesses, iGO Shopping Mall and iGO Travel Agency. What is Spinfiniy? Spinfinity is a revolutionary compensation plan patented by GlobalOne Companies LLC, that allows members to earn profits every 3 days […]

The 6 Money Making Secrets Used By The Super Rich During Economic Crises Vivian VanatuVivian has been working in internet marketing for over 3 years. He has developed several websites and online businesses and seeks to educate people about how to use internet to grow their business. My short bio My G+ profileMore Posts – […]

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