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How to create a number counter in After Effects

Here is another way to create a number counter in After Effects. Method 2: Source Text Expression This method involves using a more complex expression and the way you control the animation is a little more complicated but still is a good way to produce a number counter in After Effects. Vivian VanatuVivian has been […]

How to create a number counter in After Effects

Number counters are quite often used in info-graphics and video presentations and is a cool way you can animate numbers. Here is how you create a number counter in after effects. Method 1: Slider Control Number Counter This method is simple and you can animate very easy  the value of the counter. Vivian VanatuVivian has […]

How To Make A Professional Video Presentation For Your Business Using After Effects

Learn How To Make A Professional Video Presentation For Your Business Using After Effects I just made an article on HubPages about how to create a video presentation for your business or product. This article pinpoints the key elements in creating a quality video advertising, from planning and script writing to video production. Making your […]

Learn How To Code

Internet and Technology became part of our lives today more than ever. Programming and coding is now something kids learn in elementary school and it tends to become more important than writing with pen and paper. Along with understanding better how technology works, learning to code helps you stretch your mind beyond imaginable. Vivian VanatuVivian […]

Minimal Presentation Infographic

Minimal Presentation Infographic on VideoHive Recently we partnered with Envato Market Place and we started producing After Effects Templates exclusively for them. Vivian VanatuVivian has been working in internet marketing for over 3 years. He has developed several websites and online businesses and seeks to educate people about how to use internet to grow their […]

If you are looking for a Joomla Component that allows you to post an manage articles through the frontpage of your site, this on is very useful: User Article Manager. I think the author of this Joomla component discontinued that project because now it does not appear listed anymore in the Joomla Extension Directory. Vivian […]

Attraction Marketing allows you to leverage your time and get pre-qualified hot prospects into your business opportunity

Attraction Marketing vs Chasing your friends to get a commission What is Attraction Marketing? If you are wondering what attraction marketing is, you will find that in moment, but first I want to highlight a few issues of the network marketing, that attraction marketing solves. If everything that your network marketing company taught you to […]

Increase Search Engine Visibility

Increase Your Search Engine Visibility Increase Your Sales Do you have a great website that no one is visiting? Get started with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and improve your site’s visibility on Google, Bing, and Yahoo to start seeing the web traffic you deserve. Finding a trustworthy SEO provider can be difficult – but it […]

Reset Canon Pixma MX320 Printer

How To Reset Canon Pixma MX320 Printer Reset Canon Pixma MX320 Printer Each time I refill the cartridges of my Canon Pixma MX320, the printer do not prints anymore. If I send a document to printer it starts the printing process but the page comes out blank. If you have the same problem, the resetting the printer might […]

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