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Learn How To Code

Internet and Technology became part of our lives today more than ever. Programming and coding is now something kids learn in elementary school and it tends to become more important than writing with pen and paper. Along with understanding better how technology works, learning to code helps you stretch your mind beyond imaginable. Vivian VanatuVivian […]

Some Interesting Facts About Cuba

Some Interesting Facts About Cuba Some Interesting Facts About Cuba From time to time I like to learn new things about different countries of the world. This week I’ve learned about Republic of Cuba. I feel attracted to this country since I first hear about Cuba, long time ago. There is something about this country […]


Currency or Money? Is Currency the same with  Money? I was looking over the internet for a definition for Currency. Most of this definitions refer to currency as being a money system that is in circulation at the moment. However, Mike Maloney a well known economic expert tells a something different that for me has […]

Go To School

“Go To School” – one of the biggest sacred cows of money Some time ago I watched Shooting Sacred Cows of Money Series made by Robert Kiyosaki and his team. There are a few basic ideas in this series that are “eye opening” and can help you chane the way you think about money and […]

Get A Job

Get A Job – The “Best Advice” We Give To Our Kids Since I was a kid people asked me what do I want to become when I grow up? A doctor, a policeman, a lawyer, an accountant? Everyone asked me what job do I want to have. I was puzzled and didn’t know what […]

How To Make Money in Today’s Economy? Many people are lacking money today and are struggling in today’s economy and blaming the government for their lack of money. Money people get a second job and work harder to get the money they need. There are many people that have bank loans that they can’t afford to […]


Many rich people and investors are sounding the alarm on an upcoming financial crisis that will be bigger than the ones before. Livio Nespoli says in this video “If you thought real estate debacle was big, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The coming financial crisis has been set up by the banking and finance industry […]

Passive income

Passive Income Few people know about passive income. In fact if you take a look at the keywords searches on Goo gle, there are only 60.500 searches per month for the keyword “passive income“. In contrast, the keyword “salary” is searched more than 24.900.000 per month (you may try your own search with Google Keyword […]

When it comes on how they get the money , there are four types of people in this world: 1. Employee 2. Self Employed 3. Business owner 4. Investor Robert Kiyosaki named this 4 categories The Cashflow Quadant, because of the different cash-flow each category gets. The Employee works for money. They will exchange their time, […]


Bazele desenului cu Jacque Fresco Jacque Fresco (născut în 13 Martie 1916) este un artist, designer, filozof, educator şi futurist autodidact. Fresco este cunoscut pentru proiectele de design holistic pentru  realizarea unor oraşe sustenabile, eficiente energetic şi din punct de vedere al managementului resurselor naturale. Împreună cu Roxanne Meadows, este fondatorul şi directorul organizaţiei “The […]

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