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Sunday, 25 August, 2013 11:53

Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing vs Chasing your friends to get a commission

Attraction Marketing vs. Chasing Your Friends

Attraction Marketing vs. Chasing Your Friends

What is Attraction Marketing?

If you are wondering what attraction marketing is, you will find that in moment, but first I want to highlight a few issues of the network marketing, that attraction marketing solves.

If everything that your network marketing company taught you to do was to speak to your friends and family about your business opportunity, be aware that you are heading to a dead end. There are quite good chances that your business will not take of only by introducing you friends into your business.

Here is why:

  • Network Marketing addresses to general public and most of the people are not ready and don’t have the skills required to obtain success. It’s not part of their reality;
  • The social network of your friends might not include people with skills, experience or desire to learn what it takes to have success in this field, so it might take years to get to success;
  • If they don’t get results in the first 3 months of activity, most people will quit the business.

If until now you’ve pushed your business opportunity to your friends and family and got plenty of rejections from them, this means you were out of your target market.

Use Professional Tools Like Attraction Marketing

Unless you use professional tools like attraction marketing, your hands are tied!

What is the Target Market and how Attraction Marketing can help you get back on target market?

The Target Market is that group of people that are most interested in buying your product, in this case, your business opportunity. For instance if you are selling health care products and a health care business opportunity, someone interested in health will be more likely to buy products or to accept this kind of  business opportunity than someone that is interested in mechanics and has no interest in health. I know health is something everyone should be interested in, but I am talking about their real interest, what people really want.

For someone who just started a network marketing business opportunity and has no prior experience, it might be difficult to reach their target market. They will approach their friends with their business opportunity and guess what? They will get rejected, because they are not the only ones approaching them, most likely that other people already approached their friends with other network marketing business opportunities.

If you want to become a pro in network marketing, approaching your friends and family is not enough, you must use tools and systems that allow you to find people interested in your business opportunity, work and build your business with professionals and not with amateurs.

Attraction Marketing allows you to leverage your time and get pre-qualified hot prospects into your business opportunity

Attraction Marketing allows you to leverage your time and get pre-qualified hot prospects into your business opportunity

The Attraction Marketing – Finding People From Your Target Market

The attraction marketing concept refers to a marketing concept that involves teaching your audience all sorts of things from your activity. Very often this involves offering free educative materials to your prospects. This educative materials have the following roles:

  • educate and prepare your potential customer/partner;
  • establish a relationship between you and the prospect;
  • highlight’s you as a person with experience in the field and helps you strengthen your leadership position.

Attraction Marketing is the ultimate technology in getting prospects for your business opportunity or, if you have a traditional business, to get potential customers for your products and services.

Attraction Marketing allows you to:

  • build a list of pre-qualified, hot prospects;
  • teach them the basics of internet marketing before they join your business;
  • make money even before someone joined your business opportunity.

Click here or the image bellow to see a 50 minutes video about Attraction Marketing


Attraction Marketing

Vivian Vanatu

Vivian has been working in internet marketing for over 3 years. He has developed several websites and online businesses and seeks to educate people about how to use internet to grow their business. My G+ profile

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